Names & Faces Insights

Names & Faces exists to help employees get to know who’s who in their org and how to get in touch. We give users the confidence to know everyone they might meet and encounter in their organisation.


Names & Faces is a static tool. It requires a motivated user to proactively look up colleagues, profile by profile before a meeting. Without motivation to open the app, a user would miss its potential and not bother using it at all.


Reduce the need for a user to be proactive when using our app. Deliver the key value of knowing who is who at the moment when you need it most.

Create a feature that would showcase the value of N&F without a user having to search it out.


We developed a new calendar integration that would cross-reference your meeting attendees with Names & Faces profiles.

You would automatically see the people you are meeting each day and have quick access to their profile info. Profiles of external attendees are created and displayed through Linkedin data.

If you would like to learn more about my process and do a deeper dive into this or another project. Please drop me a mail at hello@kevindunbar.design. It would be great to set up a call to go through it together.