Names & Faces
Org charts

Names & Faces exists to help employees get to know who’s who in their org and how to get in touch. We enable organizations to easily create a web and mobile app using nothing but their existing HR data.


Most prospective clients who are looking at an employee directory require an org chart solution too. It is extremely time-consuming to create and maintain org charts. Existing solutions that are built into HRIS tools are clunky and lacking in features.


Create an org chart feature in Names & Faces that would automate the creation & maintenance of org charts.

Create a tool that is easy to use and prints gracefully while sticking to the core patterns of Names & Faces.


We developed an interactive vertical org chart that was scalable to orgs of all sizes and printed gracefully.


Our feature execution was well received by our HR users and it became the predominant org chart tool that they began using.

Increased deals converted by over 20%

If you would like to learn more about my process and do a deeper dive into this or another project. Please drop me a mail at hello@kevindunbar.design. It would be great to set up a call to go through it together.